red s1

The next-generation sports wheelchair

kinesis s1 wheelchair
kinesis s1 sport wheelchair
The Kinesis S1 sports wheelchair is designed for individual training and participation of athletes in the Paralympic Games who fall into T53 and T54 classifications.
It meets all the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
kinesis s1 design
All carbon-fiber frame components along with a large cross-sectional profile of the supporting tube allow for high stiffness of the construction and improvement of the aerodynamic.
kinesis s1
kinesis s1 compact wheelchair
The modular design makes it easier to use the wheelchair for daily workouts and also contributes to safer transportation. Besides, you can adjust the frame length and the seat angle for the best individual positioning at any time.
Track control mechanism is built into the frame body, which increases overall ergonomics and comfort of the wheelchair driver.
kinesis s1 sizes
kinesis s1 sport sizes
The sports wheelchair set-up is vital to ensure the best performance for driver. Can we produce such wheelchairs to meet the user's physical needs while maintaining the low price, affordable not only for professional athletes, but also for amateurs? Yes, we can!
The principal parts of the Kinesis S1 are mass produced, which makes it inexpensive and at the same time allows you to customize its size individually.