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Icon™ Deep Back is a very effective lightweight wheelchair cushion for users who need a Deeper trunk support and the full adjustment capability of a larger style of back. With an unrestricted upper boday, you can get a full range motion of the upper body and trunk, and improves Activities of Daily Living. The shell curves around the sides of the body for mild lateral support, while the accompanying enhanced rollover cushion protects the user and provides maximum comfort. 

Adjusting Angle, Depth, Width and Height of Icon™ Back System hardware is simple and easy. All adjustment screws are accessible from the rear of the back support or from the outside of the Cane Brackets. Adjustments can be made while the user is in the wheelchair.

Operating the system is as easy as opening the latches and sliding the back support out of the hardware. Latches stay in an open position until the back is removed, making it simple to remove the support with one hand or limited dexterity. The hardware guides the back support into position with minimal effort and locks it securely into place. Red safety markings alert the user that a latch is open and not in the locked position.

The Icon™ Back System incorporates a VARILITE® air-foam floatation cushion, and features an innovative rollover cushion to protect the user from contact with the edge of the shell during extension or weight shifting activities. Sculpted foam fits the shell contour without bunching. Multi-stiffness foam is thickest along the vertebral column. Soft foam protects the sensitive areas of the spine while firmer foam supports the sides of the trunk. A two-way air valve allows air in and out of the cushion for a custom fit and adjustable comfort.

Cushion and backs
Cushion compostion Air-Foam Floatation Technology • All VARILITE products incorporate Air-Foam Floatation technology • Air is throughout the open cell foam- no separate "air bladder" • Air provides pressure distribution • Foam provides postural support, maintains cushion shape • Research has shown that Air-Foam Floatation technology is the best at minimizing vibration transmission
Shell composition Aluminum
Hardware composition Metal
Weight 2.95 kg or 4.4 lbs (18")
Cover type Mesh
Valve type Standard

Varilite Icon Wheelchair Back - Deep

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