Kinesis T2

Kinesis T2
Kinesis T2 is an active wheelchair designed for children from the age of 1.5 to 5 years.

5 kg

Minimal product weight

3 weeks

It’s all it takes to produce a chair from conception to completion

6 color options

Make your Kinesis T2 truly unique with a wide selection of colors

Frame for T2


  • Aluminum frame,
  • Rear wheels with pneumatic 20" tires,
  • Backrest & seat upholstery (adjustable),
  • Solid 4" caster tire,
  • Aluminum anti-tipper attached to the castor,
  • Height-adjustable one-piece footrest.
  • Cane handle.
Kinesis T2 design

Dimensions KINESIS T2

is designed to enable kids aged 1.5-5 to participate in as many activities as possible, including independent domestic and outdoor use.

Kinesis T2 design
Direct sales approach Kinesis T2

Our direct sales approach

The design, manufacturing, and testing of our products take place in Russia, and all the chairs are available for purchase directly from us. Thus, we can control all manufacturing processes, ensure the quality of each part, and carry out maintenance & repair works in-house.

Kinesis T2 has nothing to do with mass production. Custom wheelchairs are our specialty, as we care deeply about people and their lifestyles. With this in mind, we did everything we could to make our wheelchairs bespoke yet affordable. Now our prices are 30-50% lower than those of our competitors.

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