Who are we? marker

We are the KINESIS company. We produce ultra-light and strong wheelchairs which are unique in Russia.

The KINESIS wheelchairs are not about mass production. It’s about people and their desire to constantly move forward, to be free and to choose their own path.

What did we come up with? marker

Our “firstborn” is an ultra-light carbon fibre wheelchair Kinesis K1 for active people.

We are also working on a new carbon fibre wheelchair Kinesis S1 for individual athletes and for those participating in the Paralympic Games (T53 and T54 classifications), as well as a light aluminum wheelchair Kinesis A1.

How do we make wheelchairs? marker

We produce our wheelchairs in Russia and sell them directly only. This means that we control all phases of the manufacturing processes, we guarantee quality of each and every part, and we carry out maintenance and repair works.

We did everything we could to make our wheelchairs affordable. Our prices are 30-50% lower than those of our competitors.

How are our wheelchairs different from others? marker

Our wheelchairs are customized to the max. The unique frame design allows us to customize it in order to match your specific preferences and needs quickly (up to 25 days) and accurately (with 100% accuracy of all parts). 

When making our Kinesis K1 wheelchairs, we’re using such high-tech materials as carbon (prepreg) and CNC milled 2024 and 7075 aluminum, very common in the aerospace industry. Almost all the components of Kinesis K1 are adjustable. We consider peculiar features of a customer when adjusting the footrest, the height of the backrest (it can also be orthopedic), the cushion and other structural members. 

The sports wheelchair Kinesis S1 is also made of carbon fiber (prepreg), which, along with a large cross-sectional profile of the supporting tube, allows us to achieve high stiffness of the construction. The usual controls of the Kinesis S1 are integrated into the frame. The modular design makes it easier to use the wheelchair for daily workouts and also contributes to safer transportation. You can adjust the frame length and the seat angle for the best individual positioning at any time.

What's next? marker

We have big goals: our own repair shop, cooperation with rehabilitation centers and charity foundations, wheelchairs for children.

We really feel the time has come to change the old ways and work together creating the most favorable conditions for people with disabilities in Russia.